No singing..

Well I didn’t end up singing this weekend afterall.  My sister got the stomach flu so we had to cancel.  Which, really in the scheme of things is just as well considering that I haven’t been feeling very well myself.  Happily my lips are now back to normal size again.  However, the cold sores inside remain.  OH well…what can ya do?

I’m sure we will be rescheduled for another weekend and my nerves can get all jumbled once again…LOL.  So, we had a fairly lazy weekend.  WE played with “little bit” a bunch..she is so much fun. 

The sad news in our home is that Elvis will be leaving us on Wednesday morning.  He has been a wonderful and fun addition to our family.  But he is now to the point where he needs more room to run, and play, and other friends to play with.  We found him a great home on a farm not far from our house so we can still go visit him.  I will miss his little snort good morning and his belly rubs.  He really is fun to watch and just be around.  He is high maintenance though and needs more then we can offer right now.  I will be sad to see him go.

So, how was your weekend???  I saw that time summary chart they have now on wordpress…my mind reels with all the information.  IT still amazes me that people actually read what I write here.  Thanks again to all of you.

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