Today was FUN!

Today was a good day.  First of all, I felt pretty good, which is always a plus.  I went to work, but left around 11 to go have lunch with…my favorite aunt!  Lolo (auntie Lois, auntie wee wee, depends on my mood) was here visiting from Washington state.  She is my mom’s sister, 11 years younger then mom, and also my god mother!  She used to come visit us every summer in MN and stay for like 2 months.  We used to stay up till all hours of the night talking about boys and girly things.  Then we would often, quite randomely, slip off late at night to get some chicken mcnuggets ( we called the McGaggets when I was young) as a midnight snack.  She is like a second mom to me…only without the “restrictions and rules” that come with mom’s.  And, since my mom died she has been my link to mom, my connection that keeps mom “seemingly” alive. 

So, today we had lunch, then went to a jewelry store to pick out a new setting for my mom’s wedding ring, which I was given when mom died.  I wanted to put it back into more of an antique type setting.  Mom and dad had designed a “New, more modern” ring for her back in the 70’s.  And while I appreciate that they loved it, and all of that, it really looks bad on my small hand.  So, I talked to dad to see if he is okay with me changing the ring and he said yes.  All he wants is for me to give him the old setting once I have the diamond taken out to put in the new one I am getting.  I can live with that.  So, I picked out this amazing setting, that is really old fashioned, and I think  mom would have loved it.

After that we came back here to the house and hung out for a while, chatted, laughed a lot, and she got to see my kids and they got to spend some time with her. 

Then, this afternoon, my middle daughter, who is a senior in high school, showed me a picture that she drew in her art class.  She has found this love of art that she didn’t really know she had, nor had she really explored her talent over the years.  She loves to make computer generated designs and things but as far as real drawing, pencil paper etc, she has never done that.  Well, to my surprise, and hers I think, she is an amazing artist for someone who has never done any art before!  She would like to pursue a career in graphic design, which i think she would be amazing at.  She has fought dyslexia her whole life and has been a champion all the way through school.  I’m so proud of her.  when she showed me her picture today…I was so surprised and impressed.  So, I am posting a picture of it here for you all to see. 

I think she is pretty amazing. 

Today was FUN!

Guess who?

Guess who?

2 thoughts on “Today was FUN!

  1. Amber says:

    Did you say jewelry?? 😀 My personal favorite fun! Im glad you had a good day. Any day with diamonds in them has to be good.

    Hey your kid has talent!

  2. throwslikeagirl74 says:

    Totally Johnny Depp. So my teenage crush. 🙂 Anyone that can draw a recognizable picture of someone has boat loads of talent.

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