It was my hubby’s birthday….

I took my hubby on a little get away for the weekend to Flagstaff to see his brother this weekend.  It is his birthday today….happy birthday sweetheart!  We had a nice time.  I babysat our neice so that he and his brother could go to a “guys” movie, then we all had dinner together.  After that we went to a hotel which I had chosen…and boy was I disappointed.

My hubby and I aren’t very picky about where we stay, hotel-wise.  Usually we opt for inexpensive because it is just a room for us to sleep in.  But we always try to at least make it a hotel that is decent.  So, I went online and picked a place to say…a pretty average hotel like we would normally stay.  The photos on line looked really nice, it is a reputable “chain” hotel (no, not motel 6 LOL) it had a heated indoor pool and jacuzzi, and I thought I had really picked a winner.  I was so proud of myself.  Normally my hubby does that stuff, and he hasn’t had a miss yet!

We got to the hotel…and what a disappointment.  The room had a bad odor to it, in fact we changed rooms once cuz the first room smelled like smoke and we had specified a non smoking room.  And there was a train that went by every kidding…15 minutes…all night long.  The pool looked good but closed at 10pm even on weekends.  So, no swimming for us.

And, if that wasn’t bad enough, I ended up getting the worst migraine ever.  Talk about a romance killer…mood killer…birthday killer.  I felt so bad.  The whole weekend was nothing like I wanted it, or hoped it to be.  And I was disappointed and I am so afraid my hubby was too.  He would never tell me, but…

The one great thing we did was go to church with his brother and wife.  His brother plays guitar and sings…well he is basically the worship leader at his church.  My husband has never had a chance to visit the church and see his brother in action.  He was so proud!  It was a great moment!  So, that made the trip worthwhile for me, to see my husbands pride watching his brother ministering.

So, today is his actual birthday.  We worked, then I came home, had to take my step son to the bus, get campaign stuff printed for my son who is campaigning for student government, get groceries, come home, make dinner, and now…here I am writing.  Hubby still isn’t home from work, but, made a little stop on his way to buy himself a little birthday present.  He has wanted an MP3 player and they had just the one he wanted on sale today at Fry’s electronics..his most favorite store in the world.  So, he got one.  I’m so glad he did.  He deserves at least that much for his birthday. 

Well, maybe next year I will do better at planning a getaway for his birthday.  And, maybe tonight I can repay him for the lack of romance this past weekend. 

That’s all for now!

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