Have you ever felt like a doormat?

Think about it.  In your life how many times have you allowed someone or someones to treat you like a doormat?  Someone they can walk over?  I have been thinking about that a lot lately.  And I think it is because I am feeling a bit like one these days.  A doormat that is.  Not someone who makes others feel like doormats…that’s just not in me. 

I have been mentally reviewing things I have heard said about me by various people, things that have “happened” in the last few weeks that are just not nice, and looking at how I have been taking care of myself as opposed to how I have been taking care of other people around me.  Now, I’m not really talking about my kids here, cuz, well, kids just expect their parents to be doormats..LOL…or my husband either for that matter.  But, other people, random people who really don’t need mentioning, treating me with well, unkindness.  And, I, like many other’s just go along, letting it happen without saying anything.  Why do we do that? 

And when I do it, it personally affects me physically.  And, I am actually seeing some of the tell tale signs of that in my health these days.  I’m just not up to par.  Not where I should be health-wise.  Not where I want to be certainly.

So, how does one break the cycle of “doormat-itus”?  I think I have been one most of my life.  I’m a caretaker..it’s what I do.  A fixer.  People like me tend to be walked on a lot.  And, because we don’t like confrontation, we continue on our merry way, until finally one day we have had enough and we snap.  There are basically two groups…the “shoe people” those are the ones who walk on us…the “doormaters”.  How do you become one or the other?  And what makes the shoe folks think it is okay to walk on us doormats?  And, believe me, we doormats are not without blame here.  WE allow it to happen. 

So, here’s the question of the day:

Are you a shoe person…a walker on?

Or are you a door mat?  A walked on?

Discuss amongst yourselves!

One thought on “Have you ever felt like a doormat?

  1. Amber says:

    Well I used to be a doormat but then I realized duh! No one appreciates it. Its a doormat and isn’t given any thought. Its invisible, its there, and simply does its job. No one respects it, cherishes it, or appreciates its worth. They just wipe their feet all over it and move on.

    No more sister. Im learning…

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