Yearbook ImageYearbook ImageI found this funny website called

This is me in 1952 and my hubby in 1970.  Are we not the most attractive couple on the planet?  Last night my daughter and I sat together and yearbooked a bunch of silly pictures of all of us from our family.  I got the giggles so badly I started crying, tears running down my face, my nose running, I couldn’t breathe…it was one of those much needed moments of release…only laughter not crying.

So, today, or tonight, if you are feeling a little stressed with life, overwhelmed, overworked, unappreciated, unlovely, just yearbook yourself!  You will be amazed at how you great you will feel!

3 thoughts on “YEAR BOOK YOURSELF!!!!

  1. Lois says:

    I have been yearbooking everyone in my family (that I can find pics for). I’m still trying to find a pic of me to use. This is so addicting!I even have a DVD to watch but what am I doing? Yearbooking. Thanks for getting me hooked. I love you!

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