Migraine hell!

I am in migraine hell today.  That, then, puts me in guilt hell cuz I can’t be at the office working.  And boy has business taken off.  Which is a great thing.  But when  I can’t be there it is so hectic for hubby and I feel badly. He is really good about it all, doesn’t pressure me to be there when I can’t, and understands I am totally an abnormal being.  But, that doesn’t change the fact that I am not there!

 I have discovered that lupus adds a lot of guilt to my life.  My kids will behome from school soon and the guilt will be compounded cuz they will want some attention to hear about their day, and right now, as I am writing, my eye sight is blurry, I am nausaus and I want to sleep.  I’m sure other’s of you out there can relate.

So here’s the question of the day….how do you get over guilt even when it isn’t guilt that you really should be feeling?

If I could figure that one out…man I would be in fat city!

3 thoughts on “Migraine hell!

  1. theconsciousconsumer says:

    Guilt seems to be a something women tend to do well – if required or not. Maybe it is a result from embedded expectations of the female role within society or maybe it’s just because you are a nice person and don’t want to let your husband down?

    So, maybe we need to rationalise our guilty feelings as we experience them and in time they may diminish. Awareness of feeling guilty for no apparent reason is possibly the start to gaining an understanding of why we have them in the first place.

  2. LuRain Penny says:

    I sure understand what you going through. I have felt lousy most of my life. ‘Course I caused much of it by being an alcoholic.
    Don’t sound to me like you responsible cuz your body/brain can’t handle the stress of chronic illness.
    A friend once told me, to be free of guilt, be harmless and blameless.
    I should say, you can let go of guilt.
    Don’t have to affect you.
    You doing your best.
    Your family love you.
    Take it easy on yourself.
    I’m sure it hurt your mind to add feeling bad about feeling ill.
    Deep breath. Exhale it all out.
    (May have to do this several times if there’s a lot in there.)
    There’s a lesson somewhere in all this for you.
    Hard to like yourself when you feel like poop.
    But I bet, even poopy, you a better person ever than I was, and I let go of guilt long ago, when I stopped doing things made me ashamed.
    There’s no shame in sickness.
    Deep breath. Exhale it out.
    Don’t you feel better?
    Thanks for listening.

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