The yearbooking continues….

Yearbook ImageYearbook ImageYearbook ImageYearbook ImageHere are just a few of my relatives yearbooked courtesy of my auntie Lolo…she is the first one picutred here in her beautiful farrah fawcett hairdo!  Looks like I started or created a yearbooking monster with her! 

Another weekend is here, and so far my friday has been spent in bed with a migraine…which really stinks.  There really are some days that I wish I didn’t have this disease…but…then again I am learning so much about myself through this journey.  And I have had an opportunity to talk to and meet people who, like me, have Lupus and struggle in different ways.  It amazes me how strong people are when they need to be.  And I have learned about so much from others about this illness. 

I guess there is a reason for everything.  sometimes it is just difficult, when you’re not feeling well, to understand the reasons.  So, there’s my little slice for today!


Have a great weekend.

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