I think about Jesus….

When I am at work, at our shop, watching my husband work, I think of Jesus.  Now, don’t get all excited..it’s not because I think my husband “is” Jesus, or that he even looks like what our image of Jesus is.  It’s because when we are at the shop he is working with his hands, building, creating, making, doing.  He works with wood, and steel and shapes, and sawing.   His hands are strong, and capable yet they have a softness to them that I can actually see as he molds the steel just right to fit into the wood slots where they belong.  My husband is a carpenter of sorts.  He is a craftsman.  And, when I see the time and attention, the work and pride he puts into each and every product that he builds for a customer, I see Jesus’ love.  He doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t preach about things.  He just is who he is.  Oftentimes I don’t think he even realizes the way he shows Jesus to me on a daily basis.

Our shop is a small place.  We only have one other employee.  And he is a master craftsman as well.  The two of them work in tandem together so well.  It’s like they can read each other’s minds a lot of the time.  We work in a gentle shop.  There is no cussing, or yelling, or back stabbing that often happens in the work place.  It’s just two men, who are really great with their hands, working side by side, to create!  And in that atmosphere, even on the  most hectic of days, I know that Jesus is in everything we do.

My husband pushes me to be better.  There are days, many days I’m afraid to say, when I don’t feel well, I feel as though I can’t make it.  There are days that I want to crumble and give up.  But then he comes to me and gives me a little kiss and thanks me for helping him.  He tells me he loves me.  He makes cute little jokes about our marriage, and how when I come to work he feels comforted.  Sometimes it’s as though even if I just show up andcan’t really do much of anything he is happy having me there.  He makes me healthier and happier and better.  He shows me love and compassion, like Jesus does!  He shows me grace…cuts me slack on the bad days.

I see Jesus in my husband and it gives me great Joy!

3 thoughts on “I think about Jesus….

  1. Ashi says:

    Yes its really nice to see Jesus in other people’s lives then the amount of respect we pay to them also a lot ……….and at the same time we should not forget to give thank to God who created that person (ur husband)…..and praise him
    by the way its really nice………

  2. pinkhammer says:

    It sounds like you really found a jem of a husband. It’s really wonderful that Jesus speaks his grace and love to you through your wonderful husband.

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