Mom’s ring…

I got my mom’s wedding ring reset.  It was a tough decision for me to do it, but, I wanted a look that was more in keeping with what she had when she and dad got married as opposed to the sort of 70’s looking ring they had made….in the 70’s.  I talked to dad about it first of course to make sure that he wouldn’t be upset by me doing that.  He was fine with it, he only requested that I give him the old setting back once I got it reset!  I did that!

So, yesterday, I sang at church, and my dad had picked up the ring for me and brought it to church.  Singing went well, I wasn’t nervous which is  a first for me in a long time.  But I was so excited to see the ring I could hardly wait.  It fit perfectly and sparkled like I’ve never seen mom’s diamond sparkle before.  I think she would have really loved it!  So, here is my new ring….let me know what you think.

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