Old friends, old memories, good times!

I am officially a nerd.  I have a facebook.  Now what woman in her 40’s has a facebook?  Apparently a lot of them.  And guess what?  I have reconnected with a bunch of people I graduated from highschool with a million years ago.  I have never gotten to go to any of my reunions because I went to highschool in MN and live in Az.   So, I have basically “heard” via the grapevine how people are, what they are doing, what they look like, all those things.  I have amazing memories of highschool.  Especially my jounior and senior years.  I went to a private highschool and my graduating class only had 149 people in it.  Much different then the 1000 that my kids have in their classes.  We all knew each other, knew each other’s gossip, who was dating who, and the nerds and jocks, cheerleaders and student leaders were all friends.  Sure there were plenty of cliques like there are nowadays, and we had our certain best friends.  But, for the most part, our class was a group that got a long together, worked together and graduated together.  And a lot of them have stayed very close since then.  But I just had to go and move away!

Now, I have a facebook and I am reconnecting with some of my old friends.  Wow have people changed.  some look older, some look the same, some look completely different, some have bigger families then I would have thought.  But they all still  have that same spirit that they had in highschool.  It’s like we haven’t missed a beat.  And all the memories that we are reminiscing about…what fun. 

I sort of feel like a kid again in some ways. 

all this to say…try reconnecting with an old friend.  It will make you feel young again…feel good again…and give you a warm fuzzy inside that in this day in age is hard to come by!

One thought on “Old friends, old memories, good times!

  1. VeRonda says:

    Well, I think we’re all thankful that we have folks stopping by our sites. And, regarding dreams.. yeah, uh, they’re something that’s so difficult to categorize or–for me–put any type of logic to. I just hope to have good ones.

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