Thanks and things

First off I want to say thank you to all of you who read my blog and leave such great comments.  I don’t think I say that enough…especially those of you who read often and follow me on my journey!  That is so inspiring to me and I am grateful for the time you take to read my words!

Now on to today’s tidbit.  Have you ever had a know one of those dreams that seems to affect you for a long time even after you wake up from it?  One of those panicky dreams where you know you need to do something to make something different, but you can’t get your arms or legs to move, you can’t open your eyes to see and no words can come out of your mouth because you are paralyzed with either fear, guilt, astonishment, joy, or whatever?

Well I had one of those this weekend.  Here’s the thing though, I can’t really remember the dream, but I know that I woke up completely irrate with my husband!  Whatever happened in that dream made me so angry, so upset, so hurt that I could barely look at him for about 2 hours after we got out of bed.  And, seriously, I can’t remember the dream.  I just know that he ticked me off.  Now how unrational is it to be mad at a man, who has no idea what he did wrong, he, in fact, didn’t do anything wrong, accept appear in my derranged mind for what could have been a split second in time causing me extreme pain?  How strange and psycho is that? Even now when I think about it I still feel a twinge of anger..and at what?  Who knows!  A stupid wandering of my mind to places that it should not have gone without my permission!

Maybe it was a premeniton, or a warning of some sort.  Maybe it was a sign of things to come, or maybe it was some unresolved issue from way back that even I can’t remember coming back to haunt me.  Nevertheless, it was strange. 

So, here is what I decided.  From now I on I am going to write down my dreams, and try to determined what caused me to dream them.  Was it the huge bowl of icecream before bed?  A movie we watched?  A place we went?  A song I heard?  Or are my meds out of whack?  Is my lupus going into another flare and am I getting sick?  Is that a sign of that?  Maybe then I will understand these strange happenings in the night…cuz let me tell ya, this isn’t the first time I have had a strange dream…

You don’t want to even get me started on my mom (now deceased) and her nighttime visits to me…and they are not the comforting ones from those lovely stories you might hear of loved ones coming back from the grave to let you know they were at peace..oh no…not MY mom….and certainly not MY dreams.

Dreams…why do we have them?  Do they try to teach us something that we is unteachable to us when we are conscious?  Or are they just another thing that God watches us through and then laughs cuz we can’t figure out what they mean?  He does have quite a sense of humor ya know…afterall..he created me! LOL.

One thought on “Thanks and things

  1. household 6 hooah says:

    I think that dreams are part of our subconscience. And whether it be the past, current or future, it comes up in our dreams.

    Here’s my example — my husband will be coming home soon from his Iraq deployment and I am looking forward to “having him” home! LOL And that is all I am dreaming of. Just makes the waiting harder! LOL

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