I’m excited.

First of all, let me say that the Yearbooking yourself seems to be quite the hit!  I think that is really fun!  Enjoy! 

Now on to the big news.  I am going to Tucson this weekend.  Yes, Tucson is the armpit of Az, well, no actually, Yuma is the armpit of Az, Tucson is actually the belly button, but it happens to be where my oldest daughter lives and I haven’t seen her since August and I am going to visit her tomorrow and I am so excited!  I miss her so much!  I got really used to having her around all the time when she lived at home so the last three years, since she has been away in college, have been really hard on both of us I think. Or maybe I am deluding myself into thinking that she really misses me, and I am really the one who misses her the most.  Regardless, I get to see my baby this weekend and I can’t wait. 

It is amazing how attached one becomes to ones kids.  I never imagined how much I could love my kids or how much that love would grow over the years..keep growing and growing.  It never stops.  Anyway, I won’t be writing this weekend.  I will be spending fun quality time with all three of my kids…in Tucson…the bellybutton of AZ.

Oh..and while I am there, my hubby will be in Sin City hopefully NOT committing any sins.  Seriously he is going to a trade show for work.  I will miss him terribly but my mind will be occupied with the joy of my kids!

Have a great weekend all.  And honey, I love you!

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