Hey blog friends

It’s been a few days…sorry about that.  Well, today is the day.  I have the story line fleshed out, and have set a course to start writing.  tonight I begin the journey of my book.  and I am so excited.  I think it will be a good stretching excersize for me and fun and relaxing as well…a good escape from the everyday.

I sort of haven’t been myself lately.  I have been  going through what is commonly known as “the lupus fog”.  It is a time where things become a bit jumbled, I can’t stay focused on things for a very long time, I lose my words, my memory, I forget from one moment to the next.  Eventually I come back around and things get right again but for a little while it is something that I will have to roll with. There is no magic pill, no quick fix.  But around our house there is a lot of laughter and jokes about  mom losing her mind.  And, laughter is the best medicine!  Usually when I get like this if I can find something to keep focused on, a hobby or a project I can begin to gain some semblance of normalcy again.  Sometimes it takes longer then others.  Work is where it is really difficult because I lose track of what I have and haven’t done.  That becomes a frustration for the people I work with.  And, the worst part is that I try to keep these times a well guarded secret from the man in  my life.  He has enough on his plate with out that added to it.  My kids, however are another story.  They are very much in tune with the goings on in my body and can tell when the fog has setteled in.  So, for now I am just rolling with the punches and hoping for the best.

I will be doing and interview at the church I attend on the 16 of Nov about my life with Lupus and how God plays into it all.  It should be interesting.  If there is a way for me to add it to a post I will do that so anyone interested in hearing what it is they can.

Well, time to start writing….wish me luck!

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