This political season

This has been an amazing political year.  Honestly I am ready for it to be over and I am looking forward to election day.  It is sort of reminding me of the fact that stores and malls start decorating for Christmas before halloween even happens….that’s kind of what has happened with this election.  It seems like it has been going on forever!  But I digress.  I have never had a firm candidate in my mind.  I have never had a ‘rah rah, I am all for this guy” candidate.  I haven’t been out campaigning for anyone.  I have been watching the debates, listening to what everyone has been saying from the primarys until now.  And I do have a political party that I support.  That however does not necessarily mean that i will vote totally within that party.

I have, for fun, and sport, and to make my younger daughter angry because she hates arguing about politics, engaged in rigorous debates with my older daughter about the politicians and their views and what they stand for.  And i have tried to play devils advocate with my dad (which is a really dumb thing to do cuz he doesn’t change his mind for anything or anyone) just to well, bug him… LOL.  But honestly, this campaign has got me in a quandry of sorts.  As a person with a chronic illness health care is a huge concern for me.  But as an owner of a small business….well….I think you know where that one is going.  Raise our taxes and we go out of business.  That’s the bottom line. 

I don’t really know what to think about all of it.  I know a lot of people have really strong opinions about who they are going to vote for and why.  I respect them for that and for their beliefs and what they feel and think.  And I strongly urge everyone to go vote.  And I do intend to vote on election day.  My question is this….when there isn’t really a candidate that you feel comfortable with who do you vote for?  Do  you vote for who you think is the “lessor of two evils?”  is that really the right thing to do just to use your right to vote?  What is your pro’s and con’s list for both sides come out equal?  Then what?  Do you flip a coin?    Or do you base it on which candidate portrayal on Saturday Night live made you laugh the most? 

This is such an important political time in our country.  There is so much weighing on all of it.  I don’t envy either of the men who are running.  Either of them have a tough road ahead because no matter who wins every one will be watching to see if they can prove themselves.  everyone will want a quick fix.  And frankly, there is no quick fix.  There is no billion dollar bail out for us normal people.  There is only hard work, pushing ourselves to make it through and hoping and praying for the best. 

I guess in the end it comes down to God help us and heal our land!

Please Vote!

2 thoughts on “This political season

  1. Lois says:

    I’m so tired of negative commercials especially since my remote doesn’t work so I have no mute button! I was thinking today that I am fearful of McCain’s insurance proposals but I have to trust that God will take care of me because I cannot vote for a man who believes abortion is ok. Life is too precious and I believe it starts at conception. I also will be glad when this is all over and we get on with dealing with whatever happens. At least the horrid political commercials will be gone!

  2. household 6 hooah says:

    I really do love the political process and have been told that I’m too liberal to be a GOP and too conservative to be a Dem — so I’m stuck in the middle for many reasons! I like the idea of a younger president — new blood, so to speak — but I am anti-abortion. My husband is military and while I don’t want him to deploy again, I am fearful of what the Dems will do to the military (because of the cut backs during the Clinton admin.).

    Over all, I think you have to look at each candidate like a gift basket. When you choose one, you are bound to end up with things you are not happy with, but need to know that you can accept them if you have too.

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