We’re all in this together….

High school musical!  No one can deny the hype, the phenomonina behind this series of movies.  And, like many moms around the country, no, the world, I took my little girls, 21, and18 (lol) to see High school musical on friday.  IT WAS SIMPLY AMAZING!    Seriously, that Troy Bolten just gets cuter and cuter with age! 

We had so much fun.  We cheered, we cried, we laughed, (I admit we even sometimes mocked ourselves openly for how unbelieveably sappy we are) and we acted like little kids.  What was really cool for me is that this movie was rated G…yep you heard me G.  How many movies now a days are rated G?  And this one was actually worth seeing and seriously was entertaining for young girls all the way to grown ups.  It was funny, it had adult humor that was clean, no swearing, no sex, it was just a good clean fun time.  Why can’t there be more entertainment like that?  Why do all movies, all TV shows for that matter have to have cussing?  Sexual innuendo?  Drinking?  We had such fun together and it was clean fun.  What is so wrong with clean fun?

I really think that if we, as parents, tried to steer our kids more toward some of the more clean thingsin life and away from the “unsavory” maybe they would get used to it.  Maybe they would start gravitating themselves toward those things.  Maybe it would become a natural progression.  Just maybe we would start seeing a difference in our society,in our kids, in their reactions to things, to life.  What is so wrong with innocence?  What is so wrong with waiting?

On a different subject….I made it to 10,000 hits on my blog….who would have ever thought I would have that much interest in this silliness??????  Thanks to all of you who read this stuff!  I’m honored!

One thought on “We’re all in this together….

  1. Lois says:

    How amazing! A ‘G’ movie! What is exciting is that tons of young people will be seeing it and their minds and souls will not be messed up from messages they should not have to be dealing with at their age. Yea for High School Musical 3!

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