Election Night

Here it is election night.  We have all been waiting for this day for a long time…some of us just want it all to be over!  No matter who wins it will be so nice to have all the bickering, the arguing, the negativity that this election has brought out in americans over and done with…at least I hope it will be over and done with.  As i am writing this my kids are in the front room arguing over who knows what having to do with this political election.  Frankly, I’m really sick of it. I am not a very politcal person, I don’t like to debate, but tonight I am going to get just a little political…maybe ruffle some feathers…maybe cause some people to roll their eyes at me…but..oh well.

 I’m tired of americans, who claim to be so proud of this country being so unamerican.  I have tried really hard to raise my kids to believe in this country and freedom of religion and speech and the constitution.  However, during this election I have seen, first hand, as a fairly conservative person, that MY personal freedom of having my opinion is looked at as a complete negative because I am conservative.  I have felt as if I am no longer to base my beliefs on anything that has to do with “religion” or my own personal morals or values.  I am expected to follow the herd, go with the political correct people and not stand up for what I feel is true and honest and good and beautiful. 

I am a fairly open minded person and I have very different views on life then my parents did.  However, I still feel I have a right to keep my beliefs, remain true to who I am and not change that, just as I feel others have that same right.  But I also believe I don’t deserve to be ridiculed or yelled at or belittled for what I believe.  I have heard people from the more liberal side of life complain all the time about  “the conservatives” being so negative.  I have got to say, that I have felt more attacked during this election season then any other election that I have ever voted in.  I have literally not wanted to say what I feel to many people because I didn’t want  to be yelled at or called “names”…treated unamerican. 

I guess what I am tryiing to say is that this is supposed to be the land of freedom, the home of religious freedom, of democracy…but I have got to say I have not felt that way in this country during this election at all.  Please, once this election is over, no matter who wins, lets try to come together as americans, not as deomocrats or republicans, not as people for obama or maccain..but americans who are free to believe what we choose.  And we all, everyone of us should be respectful of one another!  And God Bless America.

5 thoughts on “Election Night

  1. looksgoodinpolkadots says:

    And it’s over…

    While I may be saddened by the outcome, I can only continue to pray that our new LIBERAL President will be guided toward a more moderate view.

    I understand what you are saying, its how I feel as well.

    Let’s hope we are teaching our children what it truly means to be American.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m glad it’s over too. I think it’s funny how us conservatives are considered ‘close-minded’ just because we don’t agree with liberal views. If ‘open-minded’ means open only to liberal beliefs then I’m ok with being close-minded 😉

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