What a weekend!

Wow was this a weekend.  Was last week a week!  My body is in rebellious mode after all of last week and the weekends activities.  Work was swamped.  WE have not had a week like that since we started the business.  It’s a good thing, bringing in revenue and increasing sales, but for me it was a tiring and seemingly endless endeavor.  I felt so bad for hubby because he worked horrendous hours all last week, not getting home often until after midnight.  I stayed with him until as late as my body could handle it, which was probably too late all things considered.  But the guilt becomes so overwhelming for me that I just oftentimes can’t let my body win.  So, I tend to not listen to it when it tells me it has had enough…which gets me into serious trouble.

Our main guy was on vacation so that made things even worse.  And of course then I feel the guilt when I am not home with the kids, to make dinner, help with homework and all of that.  I was pretty close to a melt down on several occassions, but I don’t want my kids to see me do that, nor do I want my husband to.  So, I’m holding it all in hoping things even out.

The good thing is that Carrie Underwood was this last weekend.  And, although hubby and I were tired beyond words, we went and it was an amazing concert.  WE had a great “datenight” just the two of us and spent some quality time just enjoying each other and being away from work and kids and pressure for that short amount of time. 

Saturday, the process began again however.  We worked all weekend long even enlisting the help of our kids which was a huge bonus for us.  We managed to get a lot done with their help that we had no idea how we were going to get done.  Then, Sunday, hubby decided to cut his finger open on some steel rule and it was a fun trip to urgent care to have him put back together again.  Once again, thanks to the kids who continued working while we sat in a waiting room, the work got done and we felt much better about things….that is …until the alarm went off this morning and we felt as if we had had no weekend whatsoever.

But, looking back over the whole thing I can honestly say that we did get to spend some time with our kids, even though we were all working, we laughed, went to dinner together, joked around, and actually made some memories together.  The concert was great and well worth missing some extra sleep for.  And, we found out that we can actually make it, just the two of us, when our third member of this little business is gone!  That’s huge.  While my health may not fair so well going through times like this too often, at least I have seen that I can do it if I have to.  That’s also huge!

So, here’s to the good, the bad, and the ugly and making some good come out of all it!

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