SHE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited.  My daughter called me and guess what…she got the internship with the legislature here in Phoenix.  There are so many reasons to be excited for this but one of the biggest is that she will get to move back here and I will get to see her more often! 

I am so proud of all my kids, they are amazing.  And I am really proud of Ash for getting this opportunity!  She is a very strong woman, she has a great head on her shoulders, is grounded and ready to begin her life as a journalist and to go where ever that may take her.  She has worked so hard all her life…and I mean ALL her life.  She deserves a break like this one.  

Congrats Ash.  Mom loves you so much!

(you too you other kids…don’t get jealous now LOL)

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