Oh man this dumb disease..

So, here I am again, on my way to looking like an Angelina Jolie clone with my lips protruding past the doorway before I enter a room and i have developed yet another wonderful, unknown crazy thing goin on.  I am getting these little hard bumps on my face.  No, they are not zits, they don’t pop, they are hard and just don’t go away…almost mole like only white.  Has anyone else had the pleasure of these companions on your face?  If so do you know what they are and how to rid myself of them?  Not that I don’t like making new friends and having company around me…but these are not really the type of friends I wanted right now….(just a little lupus humor).  I have one by my eye that actually even hurts  alittle. 

I am in the process of waiting for my new insurance to kick in so a trip to the doctor right now to have these little creatures examined would be a big expense I just can’t afford.  So, I will wait until Jan 1, 2009 when I hope that a new dawn begins and everyone will be rich, healthy and happy.  Till then, these little gremlins will remain on my face…covered with great amounts of cover up of course, and we will live in harmony together!

Just another day in the life…..

4 thoughts on “Oh man this dumb disease..

  1. armyguardwife says:

    I really enjoy your blog…you have so much humor and life in you. I will be praying that things go well for you and that things will start to settle down. Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone. WE’ve already been through the not speaking stage, she moved back in with her Mom when she was 14, it took two years for us to hear from and see her again on a regular basis, and we had to block our number so her Mom wouldn’t know it was us. Anyway, there is a light I know that. It’s just that now two years later…it seems we’ve gone backwards in time. However, I know I have done all I can to prove to her, and now I just have to wait for her to see it. Thank you so much!
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Norm says:

    I’ve only known one person with Lupus, our pastor’s wife. We’ve loved her and commiserated with her for 15 years or so.

    My comment to you: she has been transformed from beautiful to radiant in those years. From reading your comments above, it sounds like you’re on your way as well. My prayers are with you.

  3. Lois says:

    Hey, maybe one of these days you will break out in Angelina’s body too. That wouldn’t be too bad. I’m not sure about her lips tho. They must get in the way. How are the bumps doing? Could you glitter them for Christmas? I love you!

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