Thoughts and things

I have passed over 11,000 hits on this blog…and I wonder why!  I am a very average person, with an extremely average life.  I write these words on this space, things that are in my heart, on my mind, I ramble and sometimes don’t even make sense…yet people read it.  I even noticed that there have been people who have transcribed my blog into other languages…that is amazing to me. 

As I wander around different blogs I know I find comfort reading how others are like me.  There are so many who are out of jobs, trying to run businesses that, in this economy, they don’t know from one day to the next if they will survive, just like me.  And, there are the people with diseases…lupus, cancer, fibromyalgia..all forms of illnesses, that write and share their feelings, their experiences…and it comforts me.  I feel like I’m not a lone in this big world even though I don’t know the names or wouldn’t recognize the faces of those people I read about…I feel like I know a part of them. 

Maybe that is what is happening here too!  I guess if I can help someone else feel less a lone, more comfortable about life, or maybe let them know that it is okay to be totally afraid, and worry every day about what will come, then that’s a good thing.  God knows I don’t have the answers to life.  But I love to write, and share, and I love to read. 

Have a good weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts and things

  1. Lois says:

    This isn’t a profound comment or anything but I love the new winter setting for your blog! It’s so pretty. We are supposed to get some snow later in the week. Yay! Just as long as it doesn’t mess with The Nutcracker that Cait and I are going to on Sunday. I love you!!

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