Another Christmas…another hospital!

This morning my sis and I had to literally drag my dad to the hospital….he was having a heart attack.  It is his approximately 20th heart attack.  He is not a big fan of going to the hospital, in fact he will go for days having chest pains, masking the pain with squirts of nitro under his tounge until he can no longer stand the pain and ends up…in the ER.  Today was that day. 

And of course my brothers are out of town, which is usually the case when a medical emergency happens with either of my parents.  The scary part is that it has not even been two years since mom passed away.  This is christmas number 2 without her.  So, having dad sick is a bit scary.  It makes you realize how fragile life is and how things can take a turn so quickly. 

It took calls to all his cardio doctors telling him that he had to go to the ER before we could drag him out to the hospital.  I think the thing that really got him out the door was the threat to call 911 and an ambulance ride.  Once at the hospital he was glad he was there.  It was then that the real dad kicked in.  He began telling the nurses that if my sister and I had listened to him he would have been in the ER much much, earlier….what a funny guy! 

the first thing he wanted whne he got into the room was a wash cloth to wash under his arms cuz he thought he stunk….”Dad” I said, “I don’t think they care.  You just need to get  your heart under control.”  But he insisted on washing his pits…..unbelieveable!  And so typical dad. 

So, it will be another Merry Christmas with dad recovering from a heart problem and all of us being thankful that he is still with us to celebrate!  Amazing howthings change from one day to the next!

4 thoughts on “Another Christmas…another hospital!

  1. Lois says:

    Ok, I commented on this earlier but the internet gremlins ate it or something. Isn’t your dad about ready for Guiness book of world records for heart attacks? I hope he is doing better and will be fine. Don’t want to lose any more family ever again!! He is supposed to outlive all of us which won’t make him happy probably. He’s such a goof telling the ER people that it your and Lise’s fault for the delay. That’s a good sign! I will be praying for all of you!! I love you always!!

  2. Paula says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking time to comment. I pray your Father gets out of the hospital soon. I read your previous post and saw your Mom will be celebrating Christ’s birthday in Heaven. I am sorry for your loss but praising God she’s with Him.

  3. lupusranting says:

    So sorry to hear about your father! The year my father died, my mom sort of fell apart health-wise. Like you, I had to take her to the hospital in mid-December for heart-related problems! It was a crazy time for many reasons, missing my dad and worrying about my mom.

    The good thing is that you’re really THERE for your dad, making sure he is treated well. What a blessing! Christmas is really stressful. I’m praying your dad gets well enough to go home for the holidays and that you get the rest you need. Stress and trips to the hospital is not a good combination for those of us with lupus!

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