Getting ready….

It’s the time of getting ready.  Getting ready for the holidays, for family gatherings, for santa’s arrival.  My tree is up, the stockings are hung by the chimney with some care…a little care…as much care as you can take with 10+ stockings. There is an angel shining her light in our living room.  Next weekend is the big cookie baking day with my sister, all the neices….getting ready.

It’s also the time that I start getting ready for the dealing with the fact that it is the second christmas without mom.  I’m hoping it’s a bit easier this year  but I still think about her everyday.  I’m also getting ready for flu season which has already begun and always takes a toll on me.  I just don’t fight it well and each year I have less energy for the fight. 

The best part of the getting ready is that at the end of it all will be the laughter of my kids, the joy when they see what is under the tree, the time we will be able to spend just being a family even if it’s only for a few short hours.  And, the whole reason, the real point of the getting ready….celebrating the birth of Jesus.  He is, after all, the one who gets me through flu season…gives me strength to fight when I am weary.  When this disease threatens to pull me under, he is the one who  keeps my heart pumping and my brain telling me to keep goin.  And he is the one that my mom will be spending Christmas day with.  She will be sharing her second Christmas with the reason for this season.  He was the joy of her life.  And she showed me who He was everyday of her life.  She is exactly where she always knew she would one day be!  With Jesus!

that’s what brings Joy to my world.  The Lord is come….

Merry Christmas.

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