The weather and things

I love this weather.  It is a lupus fighter’s dream…at least this lupus fighter.  Here in Phoenix the heat and sun about kills me.  I get migraines, my skin breaks out, I get sick to my is bad news.  But, this lovely cool weather, with the clouds and rain..I love it!  I will admit that my joints get a little stiff from the cold, and I do have blue-ish fingers and toes when I get chilly, which is not really attractive, but…I don’t feel nearly as sick as when the heat is pouring in through every open pin hole around.   

I was born and raised in MN….God’s country as we lovingly call it (lol).  There was a lot of snow, a lot of cold.  And, not knowing I had lupus for so many years I attributed a lot of my illness during the winter to just being a winter cold/flu season thing.  I was, however, always sicker then everyone else…and more often.  I was wrong…I had lupus.  Now, living here in AZ I miss the season change, I miss the fall, and I even sometimes miss the winter.  And, I still get sick as often as I did in MN…now it’s just different. 

This year I hope that maybe I can manage to stay a little healthier….which really isn’t up to me! 

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my dad while he was in the hospital.  He is out now, and doing really well.  I was preparing myself for another year of sadness without mom and dad being sick…but he has once again bounced back with his unbelievable strength.  I think he must have 100 lives or something.

Be careful out there in this weather!  But enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “The weather and things

  1. Lois says:

    Your dad better have a couple hundred lives!! Wow, if rainy, no sun days are better for you, do I have a state for you!! Not right now tho, we have snow, wind and 23 degrees. Brrrrrrrr! No school 3 days before vacation. How awesome is that?! Ok, it’s great for the kids and school employees, not so great for parents probably. I hope you feel better and better for a really long time! I love you.

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