My letter is G….from Lupus Ranting!

So, I have been assigned a letter to come up with 10 things about me…using that letter.  My letter is G!  Here are my 10 G things:

1. Get aways….I love taking little getaways with my husband.  We used to do it a lot more often before we owned our own business, but it is still one of my most favorite things to do.  I think Santa Monica or San Francisco have to be my favorite places we have been so far.  Althought Hawaii was a great honeymoon spot for us!  Tres Romantique!

2.  Grace – Grace is my favorite word.  I even have it tattooed on my shoulder (I know I’m not supposed to get tattoos with lupus, but….oh well).  My life is only because of God’s grace…that’s why I am still here and have hung on as long as I have!

3.  Grapenuts – That cereal (although I don’t like it personally) always reminds me of my grandparents who were the most amazing people on the planet!  And they had a marriage to be envied!

4.  Gravity – Keeps me grounded!

5.  Grandma – I love being called that by my grandkids!  It is waaaay fun to be a grand parent!

6. Green Beans with mushroom soup and corn- my favorite toppings for mashed potatoes..sounds gross but you will never know until you try it!

7. Great books – I love to read!

8. Gallapagos Islands -never been there just like saying the word!

9. Grumpy- my favorite disney character!

10. grateful- I am so grateful for this life, love, my husband, kids, family, friendships and all that God (another G word) has given me. 

There are my 10.  If you want to be assigned a letter….just comment on this post and you will get one as well!


Merry Christmas

One thought on “My letter is G….from Lupus Ranting!

  1. Lois says:

    Hi, I want my very own letter but I don’t think I will be as profound as you are when it comes to writing about it. You certainly didn’t get your writing talent from your aunt. I loved your ‘G’ answers. Have a Great day. Consider the ‘g’ in great underlined.

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