Happy new years…

I would love to wax poetic and be nostalgic on this, yet another, new years eve.  But I am finding that not feeling well, wishing to just be peacefully sleeping in my bed, and being rather “blah” has overridden my ambition to ramble on about this past years memories.  Not that there haven’t been any….this has been a big year full of ups and downs for my family and I.  But, most of those moments can be found in other posts on my blog and I am way too “finger” tired to re write history.  So, simply put I would like to thank The Good Lord for his grace and mercy this past year.  And I would wish and hope for a new year full of health, happiness and success for everyone. 

In this uncertain time we all need to look on the and live in the positive side of life remembering that all bad things come to an end some how, and good things are just around the corner.  I have learned that beauty comes in the rarest of forms…the tenderness my husband shows me when my lupus is flaring, the sound of my son playing his bass guitar and spying on him to see the smile of joy on his face from music, the worry and excitement of my one daughters new internship and my other daughters upcoming graduation from Highschool.  And there is hope of the rekindling of broken relationships in our family.  Grace is a live and well in my life.  My kids, my family, my church, all these things are blessings.  As I move forward into the new year I know the beauty of life will continue to astound, amaze and surprise me in strange and obsurd places!  That is the true beauty of life and the Genius of our God.

Great is HIS faithfulness.  Happy New Year!

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