The Results are in…

And they aren’t pretty!  I got the lab work results back today and they aren’t great.  My tryglicerides are really high, high cholesterol, which isn’t a good thing.  But worse then that my kidney functions aren’t great!  And, my blood platelet level is way out of the ball park.  So, what are they gonna do about it?  Well, not much right now.  I am being put on a couple of new prescriptions.  My blood pressure is high, which the doctor said eventually happens with Lupus.  But, I have been a person who really wants to stay away from steroids as much as I can.  So, with that in mind the doctor is working with me on regulating things, hopefully, without having to put me back on steroids. 

My ANA came back negative, which for me is not unusual.  I am one of those weird cases who has those bounce around like yo yo’s…back and forth.  So, really we can never rely on that to be a tell all in the lupus department.  Those of you who have lupus know what I mean!  There are so many other “tells” to this illness besides blood work, and some doctors get focused so much on the blood work that they forget to look at the body signals.  My doctor, thankfully, is not one of those.  He listens to me and to my body and does the blood work as well…to stay on top of everything. 

The most important for me right now is the kidney thing and the high blood pressure.  I don’t want my kidneys damaged by this disease.  How am I going to keep that from happening? I don’t know yet.  Only time will tell.  But for now, I will rest more, not stress so much and change my eating habits for sure!

So, how is your day?

6 thoughts on “The Results are in…

  1. autoimmunelife says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your lab results 😦 I’m wondering if my blood pressure is high for the same reason as yours (I do have lupus, in case you don’t know, but I think you’ve commented on my blog before, so you probably know.)
    My day could be better – losing my hair now apparently 😦

  2. lwayswright says:

    Yes I have posted on your site before…and probably yes your high blood pressure does relate to the lupus! I have been losing my hair off and on for about a year now. It is really frustrating. So, to compensate I grew my hair long, have bangs to cover up and “balding” spots in the front and use volumizing shampoo to make it look fuller. I also stopped coloring it which has helped. The chemicals in hair dye makes me sick anyway! I hope you have a better day today!

  3. psychscribe says:

    I’m sorry to hear this…I think even once we’re diagnosed we all live in a state of denial (I do, and I was diagnosed 4 years ago – its the only way I can psychologically survive)- of all the the scary things you mentioned, I confess the hair thing really scares me! “Vanity thy name is woman”. Don’t know who said that, but it does apply to me 😦

  4. lwayswright says:

    the hair thing is a little scary…no one wants to be bald! Now I just have to deal with getting used to the new medicine. it always takes me a few days to deal with how it all affects my body!

  5. Lois says:

    Hi, I have been thinking so much of you and your mom. I have been coughing my fool head off for a month now. I don’t want to do anything or go anywhere — just sit on the couch or curl up in bed. Both you and Jo,even tho you feel nasty, still keep going which is so amazing to me. I remember the times Jo was so sick with asthma she could barely squeek any air out or in yet she kept right on moving and shopping even!! We do not share the same genes at all. I hope new medicines will make a wonderful positive difference in you life!! I love you. Me

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