Changes are hard sometimes!

There have been a lot of things goin on around our world of chaos lately.  I’m gonna try to fill you in as best as I can. 

Let’s start with my daughter who I am so proud of and thankful for!  Many of you may remember that she accepted an internship here in Phoenix with the legislature.  We were all so proud of her and it was going to be a great opportunity for her in her quest for a career.  She is a journalism major at the U of A and because of the internship she had to put her graduation, which would have been in May, on hold until december.  Once she got here, (she had to move away from her boyfriend in Tucson, quit her job in Tucson and was going to be living with her grandpa) and began the internship it wasn’t at all what she expected or was told it was going to be.  It really had very little to do with writing/journalism and more to do with speaking in front of committees, and senators and representatives.  She was assigned to the second busiest committee in the house at this time and would be handling up to 5 or more bills a week to be presented for possible passage by congress.  I have never seen her so overwhelmed and overwrought in my life.

My daughter is fairly high strung, and a huge perfectionist.  But she is also terrified of public speaking.  She found herself physically ill and doing nothing but crying from the time she ended work until the next morning when she had to go back in.  She played a facade/role through the day and then got in her car and broke down.  My mother’s heart was breaking for her.  She called me every day, texted me, wanting to quit, wanting to go back to school so she could just graduate in may like she had anticipated doing from the beginning. 

I couldn’t tell her what to do.  She had to make her own decision, and do what was right for her.  And I think she did.  She left the internship, miraculously got enrolled in the classes she needs to graduate in May, and went back to Tucson.  The only peice of the puzzle missing at this point is finding a  new job.  I have every confidence that she will find that as well.  God has been pulling everything together for her so well up to this point.  I don’t doubt that He will continue to be faithful for her.  The whole experience brought she and I closer I think.  We talked about a lot of things, her hopes her dreams.  Where she really wants to be.  It was NOT in the capital!  I’m proud of her and her choice!

The next big change is that we are finally taking our kids on a vacation.  It is going to be short and sweet, and maybe the last one for some time, but we are going to disneyland.

It was odd how it came about really.  My husband said to me one night that our family really needs to start coming first in our life.  The business has consumed us for a year now and we have really seen no “perks” for all the hardwork.  And our kids have missed out on a lot of time with us, and my husband especially has missed out on a lot of time with them.  So, that very night we scheduled and booked our trip to Disney.  We are going for a weekend…short…but we will all be together.  We are even bringing our grandson and his mom with.  It would be awesome if ALL the kids could be there but some are in washington and Ash is in Tucson so we won’t all be together, but the ones that are here will be.  And that is awesome!  I’m very excited. 

My hope now is that my medication evens out so that I am feeling enough energy to walk around disney for a whole day.  I did stay home today, did some cleaning and relaxing.  I am really going through a downward phase right now and it is a bit frustrating.  I just have no energy, no umph (is that how you spell that word??)  I’m not sure if it is new medication or a combo of things at this point.  But I have a couple of weeks to work toward being more energetic.  And, if I have to find a bench and rest while at Disney that is what I will do. 

This sunday, though…we are all going to see the Lion King.  My daughter and her boyfriend bought us all tickets to see the show this sunday, for christmas.  My sister and her family, my dad, my family, we are all going together.  It will be so much fun! 

So, those are the changes in life that we have been dealing with thus far.  Change is good, but sometimes it is hard.  To think that a few years ago getting around disney would really have been not that big a deal for me, and now i am worried about it…that’s a huge change.  My daughter is acting and being an adult, making huge decisions on her own, choices that I am proud of her for making.  I guess that means i did a pretty good job of raising her!  Which was only by the Grace of God!

Life is good all around.  I’m going to live it….come what may!

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