Not a good day!

You know how people talk about feeling violated when their house or car is broken into?  Well today, I feel violated.  My purse was stolen out of my office today…while we were in the building.  I mean, someone walked into my office, and just took it and walked back out again.  What a horribly overwhelming feeling of being lost.  All my identification, my credit cards, my medications, my camera, cell phone even my car and office keys were in my purse!  Now someone else has it and what they will do with it who knows?

So, who do you call first?  Do you call the doctor and pharmacy?  The bank?  Cell company?  I couldn’t even call my kids cell phone numbers cuz, guess what…they are all stored on my cell phone.  I’m not smart enough to write them down in an address book.  Who carries those things anymore? And even if I did it would be gone with my purse!  My brain just isn’t smart enough to remember all those numbers anymore.  I guess I will have to get an address book for the office and one for the house with all personal cell phones in them….geez!

So, there is an update of my day.  OH, gotta run.  The police just got here to take a report and then the locksmith will change the locks on the office door.  I hope they catch whoever did this!

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