Welcome Mr. President!

I did not vote for president Obama.  There, I said it.  I wasn’t in favor of him as our leader.  And NO it is NOT because he is black and I am a white racist.  I wasn’t necessarily for McCain either.  In fact I thought the pool for candidates was quite limited in this election.  However, he is now our president, and I will respect him and look up to him as the leader of our nation. 

I have a real problem with people who are so disrespectful toward former president Bush.  Whether or not you agreed with his politics, he was the leader of our country and that, in my opinion, warrents respect and politeness.  In fact, in England a man was just sentenced to time in jail for being disrespectful to the Monarchy! I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be allowed to speak their views or express their feelings about our leaders.  That would totally go against what this country stands for.  By the same token, that can be done respectfully, without becoming down right mean and stabbing at the very humanness of a man and family! 

So, I guess what I am saying is that I encourage all of you who didn’t vote for President Obama, who didn’t want him as our new leader, show some respect regardless of your disagreements with his political views.  He will make mistakes.  There isn’t a human being on the planet who doesn’t.  Right now so many are hoping for amazing things, miracles really, they are seeing the glass half full….not a bad thing really….but they are looking through rose colored glasses.  But there will be tough times and challenges for our country in the upcoming years, there is no question.  Many are without jobs, losing homes, businesses are collapsing.  People are looking to President Obama to “fix” it all.  And i think some are hoping for a quick fix.  If that quick fix doesn’t happen as quickly as we all hope, if things get worse before they get better, remember, he is the leader of our nation.  Show some respect!  Our kids are looking to us for direction on how to treat others, how to treat our leaders and frankly I am not proud of our country and how it has responded to our past leaders! 

President Obama says this is a time for a change….I think it is a time for attitude changes…changes in how people respond, how they talk and treat others!  Many I have read are upset at how religious the innauguration was…the bottom line is that the golden rule, what we have all been taught to live by “treat others as you would want to be treated” comes from the Bible….”Love thy neighbor as yourself”.  Let’s all try to live that!

Welcome Mr. President!

4 thoughts on “Welcome Mr. President!

  1. Chris says:

    Very well put, and I do like the way that, at least so far, Obama seems to be going out of the way to present himself as being the president of the entire country, not just those who voted for him (thus the Rick Warren thing).

  2. dobegil says:

    I love this post, from one who also didn’t vote for the new President, however, the choices weren’t that strong.

    You said exactly what I tried to say, but I had way too many things jumbling in my brain.

    Thanks for speaking my mind!

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