I am sick again.

One week from disney land and I am sick.  I have an ear infection, a sinus infection, and I feel really gross.  Hopefully the doctors and the antibiotics will make me all better!  I need to be better by friday cuz I cannot wait to go to disneyland with the family!  There is nothing more exciting then seeing the look on the face of a little one the first time they walk through the gates of the magic kingdom.  Our grandson’s first trip is on Sat and I couldn’t be more excited for that moment.  He means the world to me. 

I never thought that a “step” grandson could become so much a part of my heart.  But he is truly MY grandboy!  i don’t know how it will feel when my own kids have babies, I’m sure it will be special and exciting and thrilling.  But, seriously, I have been here with two little babies being brought into the world.  One of which we lost when he was just days old.  I thought my heart would tear in two.  Then Troy was born and I fell in love with him immediately…and so did my kids.  So, now to see him at disney for the first time will be so much fun.

I just wish that the rest of the kids and the other grandkids could be there with us when we go.  Unfortunately they will be unable to be there.  I miss them like crazy.  Since they  moved back to washington it has been quieter here.  There presence is truly felt in our house.  The chaotic noise of kids running around is not the same without them here.  And i do miss them.  Maybe one day we will all be able to get it all together to go on a trip somewhere.  That is a dream that my parents always had and it didn’t come true before mom died. 

there are so many things I want to do before I die.  My husband and I were talking about some of them just last night at our anniversary dinner.  We’d like to go to Ireland, scottland, greece.  Finances get in the way of doing so many of those things we dream about.  But, going to disney with thekids was also a dream and now we are making that one come true.  And, I cannot wait!  Now, I just need to get well before then!

Or….I will walk around disney sick…cuz i won’t miss it!

2 thoughts on “I am sick again.

  1. dobegil says:

    Antibiotics should help. I hate being sick! Although, sick is my norm. I usually have some kind of “itis” when I see the doc for my monthly checkups.

    Step-grandkids are just as special as grandkids. I have 3 step-grandkids and 2 grandkids. We call them all grandkids and they don’t know the difference. They just know they have 3 or 4 sets of grandparents (depending on which kid we are talking about). How cool is that?

    I hope you get to feeling better and have a blast at “Dinney Land”. I have never gone there with our kids, now I’ll have to make it a point to make it with my grandkids.

    • lwayswright says:

      I hear ya…sick is usually the norm here but I have gotten good at faking wellness….which my doctor doesn’t approve of much I have to say! But, it is better then wallowing in my own pity! Disney should be a blast. I can’t wait!

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