Valentines day…what does it mean…Really?

According to my son, St valentine was not really a very good person.  He said that St. Valentine shot up a bar etc.  I haven’t done extensive research to find out about that but, that is what the word is on the street! (I have street cred!)  Seriously, everyone makes such a big deal over valentines day.  It is supposed to be this huge romantic holiday when one loved one gives a romantic gift to another ….usually the female recieves the most significant of the gifts, and love is spread around for that day.  Men spend hundreds on flowers that will die within days or sometimes even hours of purchase, jewels are bought that often are thrown back several days later back in the faces of the purchaser in a fit of anger by the reciever over some trivial matter and the holiday has been all but forgotten. 

I always wonder why it is that valentines day isn’t something that isn’t celebrated all year long by people who love each other.  Why don’t we tell each other “i love you” everyday?  Why do we wait until that one day?  Why do we only send flowers on that one day?  Sure I buy special little gifts for my kids, little candies and things.  Kind of like halloween.  But my kids know I love them everyday as well…cuz I tell them everyday. 

So, as for my husband and my self here is how we handle valentines day.  We go to walmart.  We pick out a meaningful romantic card off the shelf and exchange them with one another.  We read them, wish each other happy valentines day and then return them to the stand.  We have saved at least 4 bucks on a card while still wishing each other a happy valentines day.  It’s just not a big deal.  I admit, sometimes I wish there was some diamond tennis bracelet waiting under my pillow from him, some romantic bauble of some sort….but it isn’t only on valentines day that I wish for those things.  And, come on ladies, if we were honest, we would wish for those things 365 days a year.  We want the fairy tale, we want cinderella, Disneyland, we want it all.  but, reality is that that isn’t reality.  So, I take the walmart card, the little kiss, the I love you’s and the hugs.  I take the smiles from across the room, the knowing looks that says he knows what I am thinking when no one else does.  I’ll take that rub he gives my back when he knows I’m having a bad day or the times he tells me to go lay down when he can just tell I’m not feeling quite right.  Cuz all those things added together are way more priceless then any diamond tennis bracelet.  And all of those things happen everyday…not just one day out of the year!  So, celebrate valentines day everyday!

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Hubby says this is my "california" Look! Gotta Laugh at that one!

Hubby says this is my "california" Look! Gotta Laugh at that one!

Today has been one of those days.  Being a “step” is not always the easiest thing in the world.  Sometimes I would like to run away and hide and pretend that I live in a bubble and have no responsibilities.  But I can’t do that.  Sometimes I believe, honestly believe that my step kids hate me.  I feel like I am here just for them to take advantage of.  And it annoys me.  I love them.  Don’t get me wrong.  And I never know how to make it right without making things worse.  Today was one of those days.  I hope tomorrow is better.  Why are teenagers so difficult? HMMMMMMMM!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Valentines day…what does it mean…Really?

  1. duffboy says:

    One of my favorite T-shirts states: Shut Up, you’re not my real dad. Now that we’ve done the inappropiate joke thing, I agree with you on the whole Valentine’s Day hype. I wish things go smoother with the step kids 🙂

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