So so sad….

My mother in law has lost her mind!  She is old and frail, and has lost her mind.  She has accused me and my husband of stealing her money, of taking her things, of ruining her life, taking her medications and all the while we are paying her bills, picking up her prescriptiongs, making sure she  has her groceries, checking up on her, providing her with a cell phone and listening to her complain several times a day.  She has called the police on us, told other family members that we are taking her money, cleaned out her bank account, you name it we have done it.  It is very sad.  Well, now it is time for  her to go into a home and honestly, while it is angering my husband that his mom is accusing us of these things, I do believe he is sad that it has come to this for his  mom. 

Tonight I paid her phone bill because she hasn’t paid it in months and unbeknownst to us it was turned off.  She has been using the cell phone we provided her, using all of the minutes we have, and while I was having her phone turned back on she was at the neighbors calling the police on me for stealing all her money.  The police called my husbands brother who lives in Flagstaff to find out what is goin on because she hasn’t paid her water bill and it is about to be turned off…and…on it goes.  We, meanwhile, are trying to keep a business a float, I am trying to manage a disease, a family, a stepson who can’t seem to keep out of trouble, I am worried about my own dad’s health and life just doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.  Maybe we should just run away to Hawaii!!!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Us!

One thought on “So so sad….

  1. Lois says:

    Oh, my goodness! It just never seems to end for you guys. I’m surprised you aren’t the ones who have gone crazy. How awful to be helping someone and be accused of doing the opposite. You can say and understand, she’s not right in her mind” but that’s not necessarily what the police will believe and that doesn’t make it any easier for you. I hope things will be better for you all once she is safely in the nursing home!!

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