I was sick sick sick!!!!

I hate being sick!  I know I am permanently sick…but being sick like infused with infectious disease oozing out your pores kind of sick…well that’s just gross and ishy!  And I don’t like it.  I have been flat in bed for a week.  Today is really my first trek out into the real world.  And yes, it was to the office, to open mail, and catch up with out phones ringing off the hook and people bothering me.  It is silent here, peaceful and uninterrupted…and a change of scenry!  Now, however, I am getting a bit sleepy and am ready to go back home to the warmth of my comfy bed, my mickey mouse blanket from disney land (Which, by the way the dog has somehow decided is her blanket NOT mine), and watch a little TV…like I haven’t done enough of that over the last week.

So, what ended up being wrong with me you ask??? You did ask right??? Well, if you didnt..too bad, I’m gonna tell you anyway!  I have a profound case of shingles…and a staff infection and a fungus (ewww).  So, I am on this medicine that is upsetting my stomach tremendously, and causing me grief!  I have sores all over me that make me look like I have been mauled by a tiger, and I am just nasty ugly.  I even asked my husband if he wanted to have sex and he said “you’re kidding me right??”  Just kidding…I didn’t really ask him that…I dont want anyone touching me it hurts too much to be touched but at the same time I really feel like I want someone to hold on to me.  But then when anyone comes near me, my husband, kids whoever, I tell them “not to hard, not to tight…it hurts…back away”.  I even scream when I get in the shower cuz the spray of water hurts like a bizillion pins hitting my skin.  Does it sound fun yet?  It’s a disney ride let me tell ya! 

And just when I think it is getting remotely better I get a twinge in my lower back, or upper shoulders, this ache, this pain that becomes relentless and doesn’t go away.  I’m trying to stay away from the pain meds they gave me cuz they just keep me sleepy all the time, but at the same time they do take the pain away. 

Hopefully this won’t be a long drawn out process.  I would love to be back among the living sooner rather then later.  It is stressful being functional, it is even more stressful being totally un functional!

Oh well carpe diem!  Or is is Crappy Dayum??? who knows!

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