I know that I have written about our little Penelope on occassion.  She is really the light of my life.  Seriously, I have learned that only a puppy will give unconditional love.  I used to think it was a grandchild…now..not so much.  It is really a puppy. And she is a lover. She loves her daddy too, I”m not gonna lie.  Well, now we have a new addition to our family.  My daughters each got puppies….Ricki, he belongs to my 19 year old daughter who still lives at home with us (she is a senior in highschool this year) and Luci who belongs to my daughter who is a College Senior in Tucson AZ.  They are brother and sister puppies and they are half yorki and half chuhuahau and they are really cute.  So I decided to post a little video so you could see them.  I think you can see Penelope bouncing around in the background now and again.  She isn’t quite sure about the intrusion into her life, but she will learn and become friends soon enough. 

I think the right pet can bring a sense of healing and joy to ones life.  I know when I was going through this last bout that Penelope was right there in bed with me snuggled up, as if she was tending to me all the while.  I actually think she helped me heal a bit faster (man I’m starting to sound like one of those creapy pet people now).  I just hope I don’t grow old and end up the elderly dog woman with 100 dogs that live all over her double wide in topeka!  That would be awkward! LOL.

Oh, and on a completely different note, my hubby comes home tomorrow and no terrorist attacks, no plane crashes, and no former flames stole his heart away!  So, I guess all is well!

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