What the world needs now…..

Whatever happened to that song???  I remember singing that song when I was a kid and I am not sure that my kids would really know that song.  Okay maybe they would.  But it is really such a simple message, and so appropriate and true…valid…even today.  What the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s  just too little of!  In this world of economic crisis, family crisis, medical need, and all the other chaos around us, love is the one thing that can truly bring us together and bind us.  It may sound trivial and trite, but seriously, if one of us starts, and passes it to someone else, and the giving and passing continues, our world could, potentially, become a different world. 

Jesus showed us that when He came down here and gave up his life..out of love for all of us.  That’s really all it was.  It wasn’t about money, or big business.  It was about love and grace.  It doesn’t take any money to show grace to someone else.  A smile, a wave, opening a door to help with a heavy load…simple things go a long way. 

Instead of trying to hurt each other, or out do each other, or try to take from one another, start giving, backing away and giving space if that’s what is needed.  Let go of old hurt, forgive, (which I know is unbelievably hard to do) make something ugly beautiful!  Do something unexpected for someone who wouldn’t expect it!  Embrace Grace!

What the world needs now is Love…..This is my sister and my niece and friend singing at a coffee house here in Phoenix.

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