Octo mom rant….

I have been known to rant on occassion about various topics that really have nothing to do with me personally, and now I believe it is time for me to add my two cents…for what it’s worth (which isn’t much i’m afraid) regarding Octo-mom.  While I will admit that she is a little odd and her ways of going about gathering a family about her is unconventional, I have to say…this is america and most of what we do here is unconventional.  We are the land of the free the home of the brave and the country of the strange and odd.

I guess what bugs me the most is that she has become this person that people seem to think doesn’t deserve to have her children or who is mentally ill or whatever.  However, when I look at the myriads of reality shows that put on pedistals the oddness of large overgrown families I wonder why she has been singled out in this catagory.  We have John and Kate + 8 and while they seem like a lovely family, they are not without their own sort of dysfunction and are now going through marital growing pains and problems of their own.  There is the family with the 18 children who are not even sure if they are done having children, and they just married off one of thier kids…who is now saying they are going on in their parents footsteps to have as many children as they can.  No one can say that it wrong..it is their life, their family, their choice.  AND they have a reality show to prove it.  There is a new show starting I believe on TLC about a family with two sets of twins and a set of sextuplets….that’s a lot of children….yep they are married, a two parent household.  Will they stay married?  In this day in age….who really knows???  Let’s face it…i am on marriage number two and between my husband and I we have 9 children and 3 grandkids, 2 dogs, one snake, one lizard and a host of other odd sorts of relatives.  Are we happy? Yes.  Are we family? Yes.  Do we have problems?  You bet we do. 

So, today Octo mom kicks out the angel nurses that were sent to help her because they are “spying on her” to get stuff for child protective services.  Well, I would have to say that since they sent in 2 reports on the first day they were there that had to do with the paparazzi that were hovering outside her house (where were the police to handle that situation?) she was probably right.  And when 911 has to be called to have Gloria Alred removed from your house there is a problem.  Why would those nurses have needed the “wonderful” (said sarcasticly of  course) Gloria Alred to be around them 24/7 anyway?  I wouldn’t want her around my house watching me parent my children that’s for sure and I don’t have any thing to hide!  But guaranteed….she would find something.

That poor girl just needs to be left alone once and for all to raise her kids and get on with her life!

That’s my octomom rant!

9 thoughts on “Octo mom rant….

  1. household 6 hooah says:

    I agree that the octomom needs to be left alone, but, I feel, that the other families you mentioned had their ducks in a row before the were ready to bring their babies home. This mom seems to be oblivious to what is needed to raise these children — her prior home was way to small for the children she already had. Overall, I think we need to help her care for the babies. And I haven’t read anything saying that the “free nannies” had made any reports. From what I’ve read, it seems to be all in her head!

  2. mrschmankman says:

    I can’t believe you are supporting this woman. What woman in her right mind would believe it is a good idea to add 8 more babies to her already large family when she is single and unemployed. It is unfair to her babies and to the kids she already had. She seems to be loving the media attention and it makes me sick! There is no way you can compare her to John and Kate since they were prepared for those babies and didn’t already have 6 when they tried for some of their own.

    • lwayswright says:

      Since you are my daughter I will be kind…first of all…I’m not “supporting” her as you think. I am simply saying that there are a lot of nut cases out there and there seems to be an awful lot of attention focused on this one woman who chose to have a lot of children as a lot of other people have. After watching the interview with Gloria ALred this morning on the Today show along with a nurse from the “angel” group I stand by what I wrote. They were there with only their own intentions at heart, not the good of the mom. They were watching for any little thing they could to get her into some kind of trouble. God forbid any of us mom’s should be under the scrutiny of someone like Ms. Alred..who, by the way…always seems to be out to seek media attention for herself…even the interviewers on the today show were questioning their intentions. And, NO ONE I don’t care who you are..you can be angelina and brad pitt…no one is ever prepared for child whether it is one or 20. My folks had 5 and my dad said yesterday to me at lunch he felt unprepared as a dad every time, he can’t imagine what it would have been like to be under the scrutiny this woman is under every day. No, she may not be normal, and no she may have issues, but given the chance she may just end up being a decent parent to those kids and isn’t that what most of us hope for???


  3. lwayswright says:

    And, the reports to child services were made on the first day she brought the babies home..3 of them regarding the paparazzi in her front yard….I am wondering where the police were to take care of that issue????

  4. household 6 hooah says:

    You have a point there — where are the police? Why would someone call child services about paparazzi in her front yard. Dr Phil is having a show about it today and I am looking forward to seeing/hearing what is going to be said. Whether you like Dr Phil or not, he seems to have the most non-biased look at the whole affair. And I’m bummed I missed the interviews on the Today Show — I’m a GMA watcher. I’ll have to look it up online!

    PS You are sooo nice to your daughter! ;o)

  5. psychscribe says:

    Oh…I so disagree…She is a SINGLE parent who chooses to have more children than she can possibly adequately care for on a physical level, never mind meeting their emotional needs. SOOO not fair to the kids….as far as I’m concerned, they really need our prayers…

    • lwayswright says:

      I agree she made a not so great choice probably, however the world…including myself…are full of people who do that on a daily basis. I guess what I am saying is that all the hub bub surrounding her won’t make it any easier or better on her children or her to try to have somewhat of a normal life….

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