It was my birthday yesterday!

I turned…well…older yesterday.  My husband tood me to a movie..and then my kids made me a great dinner of Steak, baked potatoes, salad…and angel food cake with strawberries!  It was delicious.

I started my day, however, by visiting my moms niche at the cemetary.  I haven’t been up there in a while.  I havebeen having a really hard time with emotions and dealing with life lately.  Like I told my husband things are just “weird” with me.  It’s not just one thing it is a combination of a whole lot of things.  And often when I get this way the only one I can and have really ever been able to talk to is my mom.  So, yesterday was the day for that.  It’s not like mom can talk to me anymore, or give me advice, but she is still the listening ear for me when I feel like there is no one else.  I  miss her everyday and yesterday I missed her especially.

I have two kids graduating from college and highschool and she won’t be here for it.  I wanted my mom here for all that stuff…and she’s gone.  that’s part of my dilema.  And, step kid issues, business issues, relationship issues.  It’s all got me wound up into a ball of mess.  I’m not so sure what to do about it all except to keep praying that this too shall pass. 

But for now, thanks to my kids for the great meal…and the awesome purse, and my hubby for the movie, ice cream cone and time together!  It was a good birthday!

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