Life is getting better!…and Oprah

I have finally reached that point where I am taking time for me.  I am relaxing more and concentrating on staying as healthy as I can.  I went through a battery of tests last week for my heart.  I won’t get the results until next thursday, but I am hoping for the best.  I can feel  my joints rebelling against me lately.  More so then usual.  It’s not pleasant to feel like you are 120 years old when you are only 46.  I’m trying to be really good about my medication to try to keep that all in check.  I find when i miss a dose or a day of medicine I really am not in good shape.  And when things are stressful, like tax season, my emotions run rampant, and my body starts to interfere with life.  Easter was a good day.  We spent time with family, watched golf, which was a trip, and ate lots of good food.  I actually felt farily healthy that day as well. 

So, I need to comment on the Oprah show that seems to be getting a lot of attention.  She did a couple of shows on teenagers and sex…what to tell them, what to discuss with them and what they need to know.  Then she had a panel discussion with her friend Gale and a few others.  I have to admit that i was a little stunned by what the “expert” had to say about what we as parents should be telling our kids starting as young as 12 to 14 years old. 

One of those things had to do with introducing your girls to vibrators, and masturbation.  Wow!  I sat there with my 19 year old daughter and I have to say that we were both in a bit of shock over what was being said.  Honestly, I had the discussion with my girls about sex, about not having sex until you are in a loving relationship (I actually emphasized being married) and that it is really an adult decision and an adult thing to be involved in.  I did not, however, introduce my teenagers to vibrators or sex toys.  I feel, personally, that that is an adult thing as well.  What happened to teaching kids about friendship, relationship, learning to know one another before the sex even becomes a part of the whole thing? 

I’m not stupid, I do realize that kids are engaging in sexual activity at unbelievable ages, and girls are getting pregnant younger and younger.  Could that be, however, because we as parents, as adults have failed in teaching our kids the way that relationships should develope?  It seems to me that sex is the first thing that enters the picture nowadays instead of the last.  TV and movies are teaching our kids that sex is okay any time, any place and we just go along with it.  I’m guilty of it myself…watching those movies and laughing along with my kids.  What happened to demonstrating what relationships should look like in our own lives…teaching by example? 

Kids nowadays think sex fixes everything.  It is the best part of relationships…they can’t wait for that part to happen.  If only they knew that the best part  of relationship is the being together, sharing laughter, special moments, talking and getting to know one another, compainion ship.  Passion fades away over time.  It needs to be constantly rekindled, and you cannot sustain a relationship on sex a lone.  But kids are not taught that anymore! 

Shame on us as parents for letting this happen to our kids, to the future of this country and the world.  We really need to do better then this!

3 thoughts on “Life is getting better!…and Oprah

  1. dobegil says:

    While reading, this line of a Casting Crowns song kept repeating in my head “…stop asking Oprah what to do”

    Glad you are feeling better … take care so you have a great trip!

  2. Chris says:

    Seriously? Oprah had someone on that recommends teaching your kids how to use a vibrator? Doesn’t that sound a little like child abuse? I guess I’m old school that I believe vibrators and masturbating are a learn as you go (by yourself) type of thing. Makes me sad

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