Indiana wants me…..

indiana-and-sylvia-0371indiana-and-sylvia-0951Just got back from a great vacation at my brother’s  house in Indiana.  First let me say Igot the results back of my heart tests…all looks pretty good thankfully.  I have a little fluid around my heart but nothing to panic over at this point.  Mostly the doctor is concerned about my blood clotting disorders and watching my blood pressure!  These things I can handle.  A bad ticker…not so much!  So, it was with a much lighter heart and mind that I took off on a plane to Lebanon Indiana to see my brother.

Wow the weather there was amazing!  Living in AZ with lupus is a daily struggle.  The hot sun, the scorching temperatures can make me very ill.  It’s a constant battle of wanting to be outdoors but needing to stay in.  Not so in Indiana!  I was outside going on walks in the cool breezes, cloudy skies lessened the affects of the sun to my body and it was terrific!  My brother was installed as the new pastor at the church there and I was so proud.  I realized how much I miss him and spending time with he and his wife and kids.  Family is so important and often taken for granted.  This weekend was a great time to catch up and be together!  Please enjoy the pictures and video of my brother sis and I singing at the installation!  The old building and lovely stained glass is my brother’s church.  Nothing like it!

This video doesn’t exist

my brother's church...a historical building!

my brother's church...a historical building!White Castle...Truly God's food!All of us at the Lake Enjoying the perfect weather

One thought on “Indiana wants me…..

  1. Heather L says:

    AH! I grew up in Columbus, Ohio my father loved White Castle. We ate there so much I just can’t eat there now. I am glad that you had such a wonderful time!
    God bless
    Heather L

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