Graduation!!!! One proud lupie mom here!

What a weekend/week.  Two kids graduated…one from college one from high school.  I am so totally proud of my girls!  I will admit it has been busy and hectic and a bit stressful at times.  I’m feeling it today..and so is my lupus body.  However, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  There is no true way to explain how I feel right now.  It seems like just yesterday that I was giving birth, changing diapers and “preparing” for the day when my kids would grow up.  And Bam it happened so fast.  I feel like there are moments that I may have missed, times when I could have paid more attention to what was happening with my kids.  It’s hard to take it all in really.  I look at them and I still see the toddlers that used to run around the house, the little girl who used to pick her own clothes and most of the time looked like a bag lady, the girl who had hair down to the middle of her back, all curly.  But in reality they are grown women now moving on to new adventures in their own lives. 

There are times with Lupus when you do wonder if the disease is going to make you unable to enjoy these moments that only come once in the lives of your kids and family.  There is fear and apprehension that maybe this will be the time that the cruel enemy decides to attack your body.  I think about it all the time.  But, I can’t let that control me or rule what I do with my life and how I enjoy things.  I am going to fight to be able to see and enjoy every precious milestone that happens in their lives and mine!  I love you guys…more then you will ever know.  You are the pride and joy of my life.  And no matter what frustrations or hardships we have gone through in our lives, you are my greatest accomplishments!!!!!!  Congratulations Ashli and kassi!

And I gotta say I was also really proud of my son who played trombone with the band for graduation.  They competed in state competition this year and got a Superior with Distinction rating…Way to go Jake and SDOHS symphonic band!  How amazing is that for a freshman in highschool?  And to you, Jake, I say…only three more years dude!!!! I love you and am so proud.  I know you will be a famous musician one day and your dreams of sharing music with the world will come true!

My three kids

My three kids

mom kids cap gown2009-05-19 Kassi Graduation 0292009-05-19 Kassi Graduation 0402009-05-19 Kassi Graduation 0702009-05-19 Kassi Graduation 087So, without further adieu…here are some photos of my kids amazing days!

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