It’s Tuesday in arizona

Us at Greasewood Flats, AZ

Us at Greasewood Flats, AZ

Steve under the money ceiling at greasewood flats

Steve under the money ceiling at greasewood flats

There have been  many people who have influenced me in my life.  I would have to say my parents and grandparents are probably at the top of that list.  But, I have also been influenced by people who don’t even know they have had an impact on my life.  There is the gal at the grocery store, she is there every day, at the check out, always pleasant and happy to see me.  She makes me smile.  There are the gals at the pharmacy who know me by name, as I know them, who know my medications, know who my doctors are and always know when my things need to be refilled.  They always have a story to tell, advice to give, a laugh to share.  They have seen my kids grow up, and even got teary eyed when we spoke about what my kids dreams and ambitions are.  And while we aren’t “friends” who hang out or go out for drinks or to a movie, they have impacted my life with their kindness, their personal attention to me and my health.  They are doing their job, but they do it amazingly well.  They have impacted my life. 

And, my husband.   Most would think that “duh, your husband will impact your life”, but really think about it.  How does your spouse, your mate, your partner impact your life?  My stepson asked us the other day if we are friends.  Odd question from a 14 year old kid…but he asked.  My husband and I turned to each other and both said…”yes…we are best friends”.  All he replied was “good, that’s how it should be”.  My husband is my best friend.  I tell him all the things that scare me, the things that make me laugh, the things that I hope and dream about.  But, I do fear losing my husband.  It’s an odd fear.  Abandonment issues I’m sure.  But, it’s there and it’s real.  I have been left before, and it hurts.  It’s scary.  He doesn’t know about that fear.  And, he probably never will.  It’s irrational and silly.  I do know this though, he loves me.  At night,  when I am not feeling well it is his arms around me.  When I laugh the hardest it is with him and our kids.  When I am quiet and just want to “be” he lets me!  He has impacted my life. 

Who impacts your life?

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