No one imagines!

No one imagines when you have children that there may come a day when you see that child in shackles, handcuffs, and taken away by a prison guard.  And, no one can tell you the kind of hurt you will feel in your heart when you see that child like that.  Even if it is a step child!  I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say we saw that today!  And man, what an eye opening experience that was.  The sadness in my husbands eyes, the feeling of helplessness that I know he felt, and the inability for me to make him feel any better was so hard.  No one can prepare you for that. 

It is amazing to me that in this day and age so  many kids are going down paths that take twists and turns that they just don’t need to take.  It seems so common now, drug abuse, guns, driving under the influence, fighting.  Just the general state of affairs of our kids is very sad to me.  Nothing is taken seriously, not school, not family, not respect of elders. And, it would seem that they feel they can just get away with it all without consequence…that is until they do something really bad, get caught and their life is changed forever!  But no one can tell them that!  They don’t want to hear it.  They are smarter and stronger then anyone else and they can make it all on their own…that is until they are caught doing something really bad…then it’s all about “mom and dad HELP!”

What happened to our society?  To our kids?  To our parenting?  Are we too afraid of our kids to step up and say “NO MORE!”?  Or do we fear that they won’t love us anymore if we impose rules and regulations upon them?  Or, is there no amount of discipline, or parenting that will change it?

God, please help our kids!

4 thoughts on “No one imagines!

  1. Caiti Forslof says:

    Hi cuz,
    I feel exactly as you do. Right now my 13 yr old step son is headed down this same path. I am scared that he will get to the point that he leaves in shackles but I pray that it won’t get to that point. The sick thing is is that even adults manage to tell children to defy and even HATE the other adults who try to set boundaries and ask for respect. We (my hubby and I) are currently refered to as “Religious Extremists” because we worship God and pray and because we set boundaries that do not “feel good” to my step son. Kids are getting way too much power and even courts are allowing that power and then wondering why we see so many kids involved in heinous crimes.
    Love you and am praying.

    • lwayswright says:

      It’s so hard…especially being the step parent who really has no rights yet has to act like a parent, and take responsibility like a parent, and grow attachments emotionally like a parent. I am just hoping that lessons are learned in this situatiion before it is too late! I love you too Caiti!

  2. Zoya says:

    I believe that it’s a matter of controlling with affection and not dominating their lives, not telling them what to do but helping them recognize what they must do.

    Parents should learn to teach their kids from a very young age about what is wrong and right, spend more time with them and help them understand why there’s no excuse to make wrong choices.

    And I think if parents don’t set a good example, then the kids will end up worshipping other idols or celebrities who are unfortunately very bad role models!!

    Playing with them until the age of 6, disciplining them uptil the age of 14 and after that becoming more of a friend than a parent until they turn 21, is a great way to prevent these innocent kids from making poor choices…and most importantly, develop trust and respect!

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