911, upcoming surgery, weekend fun

First and foremost I want to remember, today, all the men and women who lost their lives in 2001’s tragedy!  And, to all the firefighters, doctors, nurses, public servents who went above and beyond the call of duty on that day I salute you all.  I can’t even imagine what it was like to be there on that day.  But, like all americans, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing.  When the news came across that a building had been hit by a plane i was in my room, with my daughter and we began watching the news.  It was a work/school day so we were rushing around trying to get ready while trying to stay tuned at the same time.  At first it was thought it was a random accident and then the second plane hit.  I remember us both stopping…standing in front of the TV as the president spoke to the nation about the horrific sight that was unfolding in front of all our eyes! 

My first thought was to hug my kids, to tell them i love them and to hold on to them.  Then the fear set in.  Where will they strike next?  Are any of us safe anymore?  That evening they held a service at our church, a prayer service, dedicated to all who had lost their lives and praying for us as a nation.  I remember sitting there with my mom holding my hand as I cried thinking about my little boy, how scared he seemed as he talked about what had happened that day.  I remember wanting to grab him, and hold on to him and never let him go.  He was 7 years old then!  And the days following were like a blurr.  The sights and sounds of that day were played over and over for us to see…so we would never forget!  Sometimes I think those sights and sounds need to be played more often.  We have become a complacent nation.  We argue and fight over so many things…some important but some, in the grand scheme of things, hardly worth fighting over.  We need reminders of how our nation pulled together on that day, how we helped our neighbors without questioning each other’s political beliefs…we just jumped in.  I remember all the flags hung from houses and cars, the bumper stickers.  I remember think “Man I hope this keeps up…that people keep this spirit” knowing in my gut that we would all go back to life as normal, time fades all things.  And, the flags have disappeared, the american spirit that was so prevelant during that time has faded.  We need to get that back!  We need to always and forever live the phrase “God bless America”. 

Next monday I will be having some surgery to remove a lump from arm.  It is thought to be cancerous.  I have been in this very spot so many times before.  Sometimes they were benign and sometimes they were malignant.  Cancer is always scary no matter where it is on your body and no matter how much a doctor tries to tell you it will be okay.  Cancer is a big scary word.  I have had three breast biopsies.  So far, all benign.  But I did have squamous cell removed from my shoulder a couple of years ago.  So, needless to say, a reoccurance is scary.  But, I have faith and I believe and always will that God has brought me down this path for a reason.  There is something I need to learn, some mark I need to leave on some small portion of this world.  Maybe it’s just so that I can show my kids that although life can be scary you can get through just about anything with God, family and love by your side!  Maybe it’s to reinforce the importance of family in my life and what it really means to fight for that!  I’m not so sure yet.  (I have secretly hoped it is so that I write this wonderful best selling book and end up in Oprah’s reading club LOL).  Anyway, I know there is a reason for all of it.  So, like everything else, I will get through monday with my daughter by my side (she has come from Tucson to be with me that day!  I love her for that).  It will work together for good!

This weekend, my husband and I are going to the movies with my step daughter and her husband and my step son.  This is to celebrate my hubbys birthday that was on Tuesday.  Here’s the big part of that.  My step daughters husband is not one to ever go to movies, nor does he particularily enjoy hangin out with family.  He is a solitary guy, who enjoys hunting, camping, quading, sort of solitary kinds of things.  In the almost 10 years I have known him we have NEVER been to a movie with him.  I go all the time with my step daughter because her husband doesn’t take her to movies.  So, this is a big deal!  And, my  husband is pretty excited about it.  Then after the movie they are going to pick up our grandson and come over to the house for a barbeque and some swimming…yes it is still swimming weather here…101 degrees and higher!  YUCK!  So, it should prove to be a great day! 

I hope as you go through the rest of your day and this weekend, you will take a moment to remember those who lost their lives 8 years ago, thank God for your families and friends, and hold each other close for a few moments.  I don’t think any of us say “I love you” enough…and there can never be too much of that!

Have a great weekend….

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