It will be over soon….I hope!

This weekend was the end of the line for us with my stepson.  He has pulled my other stepson into his criminal mess, screwed up this family almost beyond repair and today is the end.  I have a call into his PO….she will know it all.  He skipped school once again today.  He didn’t come home yesterday from wherever it was that he was.  So, we locked the garage down, and locked all the doors so if and when he decided to come  home he couldn’t get it.  Well, he did get home, probably around 2AM and was let in (although he denies it) by his younger brother who is becoming more screwed up by the day.  He is now laying in bed, sound asleep, totally unaware that I called his PO and left her a message that I  could no longer handle him  living in this house, and that he has broken his probation too many times to count.  And the amount of disrespect and just plain meanness astound me to no end!  It has hurt my marriage, my relationship with my own kids, their relationship with my husband and the list goes on.

If they come to get him I’m sure it will be messy, loud, and dramatic…nothing with this boy is less then dramatic.  But when it is done everyone will breathe easier.  I am breaking out with, what I can only think, is shingles again.  Too much stress.  I go to the doctor tomorrow.  But for now, I am just waiting on the PO and hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

It was homecoming this weekend for my son.  So, here are a couple pictures of him and his date and his best friend.  They are such great kids and I am so proud of them for staying clean and not wavering from their beliefs.homecoming 2009 cotton candy 019

One thought on “It will be over soon….I hope!

  1. duffboy says:

    So sorry to hear about that 😦 Let’s hope that whatever lies ahead for your stepson are lessons that don’t affect you and the rest of your loved ones.

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