Oh my oh my…

This has been a hectic week.  My dad landed in the hospital on saturday afternoon.  Turns out he has a bowel obstruction, however they didn’t know exactly where or what it was.  After a long three days today he had surgery to find the obstruction and remove it.  The biggest glich in the whole thing was that his surgeon was a real ummm…not nice man.  All the nurses told us how unpleasant he was, they wouldn’t even talk to him.  They all said he was a great surgeon but not a “people” person.  So, dad was taken in to the OR at 11:20 this morning.  Then we were informed that we needed to pick a spokesperson for the family because the surgeon doesn’t come out to talk to the family, but he instead calls the desk and will take questions from one person.  The nurse also told us that he didn’t “volunteer” info..if we didn’t ask he probably wouldn’t tell us.  So, about 2 and a half hours later the Doctor calls the desk and my brother goes and asks our questions.  He comes back to where we were all gathered and says “he was very pleasant, dad had an adhesion blockage from a previous hernia surgery.  It went well.  He will be in recovery for about an hour and then moved to a room on the surgical floor”  So, we waited.  About an hour and a half later the same nurse came out and said to us “your dad has just gone to recovery.  Did the doctor call you?”  “Yes” we said.  “Good.  Then he told you that your dad wasn’t breathing on  his own and is on a ventilator, and will be moved to the ICU in about an hour.”  “NO” we said.  We hadn’t been told that at all.  Pretty important peice of info for a doc to leave out don’t ya think??? Long story short, dad wasn’t moved to the ICU until about 4 and a half hours later.  Once there his ICU nurse had to ask for all the information about dad and his surgery from my brother and I because the surgeon never came in and didn’t leave any notes at all.  The poor nurse didn’t even know what my dad had surgery on!    Welcome to modern medicine at it’s finest!!!  But, hopefully they will remove the ventilator tomorrow and dad will be on his way to recovery!!!

Then tonight, I found out that someone has been reading my blog and reporting back to my husbands ex wife that I had been writing about my stepson and his trials and tribulations.  Apparently that got my husbands ex quite upset.  Now why, when we are having such difficulty in our family as it is, (if they actually read the blog they know all the ups and downs, and if they know me at all which they obviously do they know what life is like right now) why would they want to cause even deeper trouble in our relationship and home by involving his ex in what I write???  I never mention any names…I never even mention where he goes to school, where he lives, I’m not sure I even have mentioned his actual age.  And, if they actually read ALL of my blog material they would also know that I have written very loving and great things about the same step son!!!  And I have also written when I am frustrated with my own children, and my own life, siblings, father, whatever.  All of these things in my life, these ups and downs, ins and outs, affect my health, affect lupus and autoimmune disease.  That is what I write about!  I also write about God’s grace and how He has been my strength in times when  I didn’t think I could make it any longer.  That’s why i write…what I write and who I write for!!!  Life is difficult.  It is messy.  It is imperfect to say the least.  I am a writer.  And this is my canvas and where I paint my view of the world!  It isn’t always pretty, but hopefully my life, and all the it encompasses is leading to a masterpeice!!!!


And that’s the truth!!!!  Honeslty, I am not ashamed of anything I have written  here!  And, if the person who “read and tattled” is who I have a hunch it is….well, let’s just say…I really thought OUR relationship meant more then that!!  Wrong again!  I should also mention that my hubby does not read my blog…it’s just not something that he is in to.  However, he has always known that I write here, that people read it and comment on what I write and that I read other people’s blogs as well.  He also knows what I write about because I have never hidden that from him and he has access to the blog at anytime he wants to.  I guess my thought is that if he is okay with me writing here, and writing what I write, and it isn’t hurting him or anyone else for that matter, then…that’s that!

4 thoughts on “Oh my oh my…

  1. sweetiegirlz says:

    ohhh I will say a prayer for your dad. sounds like that doctor needs to be sued or at the very least written up. that is such a breech of conduct! inexcuseable really. hope all goes well

    don’t stop blogging about whatever you want to. You’re awesome and a survivor and people who gossip and stab you in the back are secretly miserable.

    • lwayswright says:

      Thanks for the comments! I am having such a hard time with things right now I am close to exploding!!!! tonight was just another night to add to the list! The fun never ends.

  2. Lois says:

    It sounds like the doctor has a wee bit too much ego! Uff da! I hope your dad is off the ventilator and is home being his usual curmudgeonly self. As for the other problem — of people who like to make trouble — can’t be much reward in that ‘hobby’! Arrrrgh!!
    You are always in my prayers!! I love you!

  3. wvyogamomma says:

    All I can say is that the Doctor is definitly NOT a healer!!! He does need to be sued!!

    Don’t stop writing!! Please, don’t stop writing!! Sometimes it’s the only way we can allow ourselves to deal with some situations. Don’t allow others (idiots) to interfere in your life!!

    Blessings you to honey, I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers!!

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