losing a parent is hard …how people respond makes it worse!

I never thought that my family going through the loss of my dad would go the way that I have heard other family’s handled parental loss.   Without going into detail I will say that there are members of my family who are being quite insensitive to the feelings of others and the greiving process that we have to go through.  My sister and I have been so busy planning the funeral, taking care of out of state company, dealing with thank you notes, emails, not to mention the 3+ weeks that were spent with dad while he was so sick before he died…which fell on our shoulders as well.  I would have never given away that time with dad…never…it was our last chance to have some conversations, to tell each other we love each other, and to let him know that through everything he has been a wonderful dad to me.  So, I am not saying that I would have wanted to be with dad less.  I will say that possibly others in my family could have stepped up and been there a bit more, just to give my sis and I a break on occasion. 

Now that dad is gone it is like “lets get rid of his stuff, and pretend he wasn’t here or that none of this stuff means anything to us.”  At least that is the feeling that I get from some of my siblings/sibling in laws.  I hate to say bad things about my siblings, because we have always been a pretty close group.  But as we get older people change and things become different and relationships become strained and damaged.  I just really pray that in this instance we can get through this without feelings really being torn apart.  Because frankly right now I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest and it doesn’t really matter.  how sad is that?

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