The hearsay ROCKS!

I am so proud of all my kids.  But today I have to talk primarily about my talented son.  This past weekend we went to hear the debut performance of his band The Hearsay.  They played at a local talent show.  I was so proud of all of them.  But I am amazingly proud of my son.  He has worked so hard on his musical talents.  He is in Jazz band playing Trombone this year (without even an audition I might add!) and he plays bass guitar in his band.  He also plays accoustic guitar, self taught, amazingly well.  He definatly has a gift from God in music.  And he puts his whole heart into whatever he does.  It was great to be there for his very first performance. 

Health wise things are a little sticky right now.  I am having some lung problems. So, once again I am on steroids to try and clear some of that up.  And I have been put on a new med for my joint pain.  I am a walking medicine cabinet it feels like!  But, I have tried life without the meds and it doesn’t work for me.  And lately everything I do is painful.  So, to get any relief is a great thing for me.  I’m trying really hard to keep busy and not think about illness or pain.  Sometimes I think the more busy I stay the faster the day goes by and then I can lay down and rest…strange concept huh?  My grandson helps though cuz he keeps me laughing.  He is such an energetic little boy and well, he is very loving.  I love grand son hugs!  Today I convinced him that my kisses are magic.  I told him to be sure to ask grandpa when he comes home tonight if my magic kisses make him feel better.  We’ll see what happens..LOL. 

Well, time to get on with the business of life.  Supper needs to be cooked and a little housework needs to be done before the day ends.  Then tomorrow is another day!  One way or another life keeps going!

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