Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

Nine years ago today I married my best friend, and the love of my life….and no I’m not talking about Johnny Depp LOL.  Seriously, it has been quite a ride for the last nine years.  We have weathered some pretty major storms that most people never have to weather in a marriage and we  have survived, and are growing stronger and closer in our relationship. 

When my hubby and I met about 11 years ago, we began as acquaintences on the internet.  Slowly we chatted, emailed and got to know each other until one day we decided to meet.  We met at a Burger King, and talked for a couple of hours over sodas.  I knew the minute I looked in his eyes that there was something there, he was someone I wanted to get to know better.  I didn’t really have marriage on  my mind, I was recently divorced and had a lot of baggage from that break up.  But, slowly we started dating, hanging out together and eventually introducing our kids and meeting families.  We went on a couple of trips together to California and spent a lot of quality time just getting to know each other.  Finally, on January 20, 2001 we made it official in a small ceremony in our back yard.  We were surrounded by friends and family, and we got hitched. 

Blended families are anything but easy.  It takes a lot of work and trial and error.  And I know that I have probably made more mistakes then done things right in trying to figure it all out.  But one thing has never changed….I love my husband.  We have had some great times over the years.  We took an amazing honeymoon to Hawaii, which will be forever one of the best memories of my life.  there have been many family memories like trips to disneyland, and the ocean, weekends at the cabin, weddings, and new babies being born.  There have been many trials a long the way with teenage drama that has caused a lot of hurt and frustration.  And personally there has been illness and loss with the death of both of my parents.  But through it all my husband has been here to  hold my  hand, wipe my tears and be my support. 

Life has never been easy for us.  There have been so many arrows thrown our way to try to throw us off course and sabotage our marriage.  But God has been good, his grace is amazing and He is the strength that I draw from when things get tough.  But, everyday we get stronger.  I just know that this new year is the beginning of better things in life for all of us.

So, Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.  I love you with my whole heart and am so happy that you are a part of my life!

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