Kids Birthdays and hangin with the grandson

It has been a busy week and weekend.  Last weekend my daugther turned 20 years old.  I cannot believe I am old enough to have a kid that age…but I am! Our 9th wedding anniversary was on the 20th, and we celebrated with a nice dinner and some a lone time…which we rarely get.  it was romantic and very nice! 

 And Monday my son turns 16.  We had a surprise party for him on Friday evening and he was totally surprised.  I was so happy!  I think he had a great time and was overwhelmed by his friends being here to celebrate with him.  Then yesterday my hubby and I got to spend some great time with our grandson.  We took him to get a hair cut with grandpa, affterwards an icecream cone which is a tradition after a haircut.  Then it was off to the dollar general store where we bought some fun disney placemats to eat at and some goofy glasses with big noses to wear when we met up with his mom.  We had a lot of fun.  And then last night it was time to relax and just hang out. 

I love when I am able to enjoy these times with my family.  It isn’t all the time that I feel good enough to go out and about and spend the day just having fun.  And lately, with this problem in my upper back and lungs, my energy has been almost nothing.  I’m not gonna lie, this problem in my upper left side of my back is scaring me.  I can feel that there is something not right, something really wrong.  The doctors just haven’t figured it out yet.  I am using strength in my left arm, I have twitching in my fingers and just touching my back sends shockwaves of pain coursing through my body.  I’m trying, as usual, not to make too much of it in front of my family.  but they can tell, especially this time because the pain is unlike anything I am used to.  Just getting in and out of bed, moving on the couch to a new sitting position, rolling over or standing up hurts immensely.  I’m just praying that God knows what is happening and that he will get me through whatever it is.  I need to be strong for my kids, for my husband who has so much on his plate already that it is unbelieveable, and for everyone else around me. 

I am looking forward, though, to the upcoming birth of my new grandson.  It has been a while since we have had a baby around and I can hardly wait.  It will bring great joy and a sense of newness and life to this home. 

So, here are some photos of my sons band, my daugthers 2oth birthday and troy and grandpa.  What a great time we have had!

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