My rant about the women on the view…..

I don’t normally watch the view as a  habit, but I have tuned in now and again.  There are times, when they are chatting, that I find them sort of fun and interesting.  However, whenever they get on to politics I pretty much just want to muzzle them….well most of them.  Here is my problem.  There are 3 sometimes 4 women on the show who are politically very liberal and then there is Elizabeth Hasselbeck.  She is a conservative..and like the liberals she is not afraid to speak her mind.  I’m not going to debate whether I agree with her or the others or not..that isn’t my problem.  My problem is the lack of fair journalism on that show.  When Elizabeth speaks she is immediately attacked by the other women barely able to get a word in edge wise.  She has no one on that show as a partner in crime, so to speak, and often times they are all just rude to her…almost blasting her for her religious and moral beliefs as well.  It is really fine to believe in what you want..after all this is america…and it is fine to  have whatever political views you want.  However, if you have a TELEVISION show called THE VIEW shouldnt it be evenly spread so that all views are heard not just the loudest of the five women?  No one can even attempt to disagree with Joy Behar…heaven forbid…and if Ellizabeth disagrees it is like heaven and hell have converged to take over the planet! 

So, that’s my view rant for the day…fair honest journalism, that’s all I’m askin!  At least even out the playing field!

3 thoughts on “My rant about the women on the view…..

  1. Marsha J. O'Brien says:

    You are such a sweetheart. You will be okay. Loosing a loved one takes time and adjustment. There are stages of grief. When you begin to feel like crying – it’s really okay. We are supposed to love one another, so if you are with family or friends allow yourself tears. Mama used to tell me “it cleanses the eyes honey”. I know how you feel as I lost my mama and she was my dearest girlfriend. When the tears begin to flow, try to stop a moment, take a slow deep breath, and think of a moment you shared that was joyous or funny. Revel in the time spent together and the things he taught you that you will carry with you for your life. You know as a believer you will be together again, but for now let the spirit of him live within you and carry on as would make him smile.

    Time and prayer. You have my prayers and if I can help in any way, just let me know and I will either respond on line or by email. If you have a CD player, email your address and I would like to send you my relaxation CD….You are out of harmony temporarily, but keep the faith and remember to your loved ones – you revel in his life and the time well spent.

  2. Corve DaCosta says:

    It is not a show that should replace your news network. it is a show with women who share their views…..i will agree you would want 2 on each side…but does not always happen. politics divide us all. politics is to blame for all the issues we face.
    watch the show for what it is…get over the point that not enough conservative or reps r on it.

    • lwayswright says:

      I wasn’t really speaking to the fact that “more republicans” should be on the show. I was merely saying that if that is the format you are going to have for a show both sides should be represented equally…isn’t that the point of “honest, fair and unbiased Journalism” that has been espoused by Barbara Walters, who is the creator of the view, for all these years? If they only had 1 liberal and 3 conservatives I would be saying the same thing!

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